Baliga Net Making Machines

We are manufacture of Baliga net making machines, which produces monofilament and multifilament nets in 6.5mm and 7mm pitch. Baliga 7-60 machine has incorporated many features rendering it advantageous than its competitors.

The Baliga net making machines are in demand for its improved high speed productivity, rigidity and low vibration and noise. Knot Tightening done by falling system.

● Looming Speed upto 21 rpm
● Solidly Constructed, Tighter machine with Quiet Operation
● Improved high speed productivity with quiet operation

Specifications 6.5-507-60
Number of shuttles500600
Pitch6.5 mm7mm
Diameter of bobbin137 mm144 mm
Type of bobbinSteelSteel
Mesh Size10mm ~ 250mm10mm ~ 250mm
Upper Hook TypePlate HookPlate Hook
Nylon Monfilament 0.16 ~ 0.40 mm.dia0.16 ~ 0.40 mm.dia
Nylon Multifilament 210D/2PLY ~ 9PLY 210D/2PLY ~ 9PLY
Looming speed21 rpm21rpm
Knot configurationsingle single
Dimensions 1700x4400x2450
Weight of machine6200kg6500kg

  ● Minimum mesh size varies in relation to the operating speed and twine diameter.
  ● Looming speed varies in relation to the mesh size and twine diameter.